[HERE] Mothers Who Challenge the Difficulties on Mother’s Day

Mom is a precious gift of Allah. We take this gift for granted without thinking how this woman serves her children and raises them well. In addition, she saves neither effort nor health in the pursuit of their children’s happiness and comfort. Particularly noteworthy, what if this mother is suffering from serious health problems or she has certain disability!

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Of course, there is no difference at all, because motherhood is the same in any case. The maternal instincts are the same in every woman in spite of the nature of physical aspects. Therefore, whether the mother talks and showers her children with pronounced sweet words and the deaf mother who also showers her children with sweet silent words can be felt easily, mother stays the resource of compassion, love and comfort in every way. Thus, mother is mother whether she is healthy or she keeps fighting illness. By the way, she completely forgets about her illness once one of her children is ill.

In reality, there are many models of disabled mothers or chronically ill mothers with different names and circumstances, but share the concepts of motherhood and challenge.

Heroines in the Mother’s Day

For example, this mother is deaf mute since she is young. However, she learned the sign language, and practiced her life until she married an individual with special needs, like her, belongs to the deaf and mute group. She became perfect in in sewing and gave birth to two children. The newborns are normal kids, so she taught them her language so that they could come together and take care of their studies and their lives. She insisted on planting their life and filled their heart with joy and happiness.

Another example: She traveled with her husband to work in a foreign country and gave birth to one of her children. She began to feel severe pain and at the end, she discovered she had cancer. In order to undergo an urgent surgery, she left her son in a nursing home until the procedure was completed. Having hard time and psychological pressure, her son became so ill and she immediately left the hospital to stay with him in order to give him comfort and solace, sacrificing her life, ignoring every danger alert.

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